Our chocolates are now available at JoJo CoCo Chocolate in Signature Centre, Kanata (499 Terry Fox Dr) 613-435-7722

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What customers are saying ...

"I just received the unbelievable chocolates from you for Christmas. Wow. They are spectacular. The kids were afraid to eat them." -- Cameron P.

"And so I got three small boxes of Wendy’s intricate creations this afternoon. The packaging is simple, streamlined and sustainable without feeling either cheap or basic. The delivery was super fast. The chocolates are stunningly beautiful - could be framed as artwork. The flavour is delicate and intricate, as if a filigree of aromas slowly melts and unravels in your mouth. The outer shell is sturdy to touch yet perfectly tempered to an incredibly delicate outer layer that just barely contains the perfection inside without interfering with the flavour. I’ve tried a lot of different chocolates from different meridians and these can go toe to toe with the best of the best. They are worth every penny. Run to order. Enjoy responsibly- likely to be highly addictive in the best of senses." -- Larisa D.

"just got off the phone with B, she is thrilled with the chocolates and sent me a pic!
they are gorgeous! thanks so much for going the extra mile to get them to her today!" -- Jennifer K